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  1. 3 Feb Dann Petty Followed crisscross.
  2. 1 Feb Dann Petty Commented on Cinesampler – Music app by MDS

    Duuuuuude, this is so rad. Love the keys on the bottom.

  3. 30 Jan Dann Petty Commented on Join the #SPACEDchallenge (Winners get MacBook Pro) by Dann Petty

    @Pavlo Aliko if you're country has an Apple Store you're good.

  4. 9 Jan Dann Petty Commented on Star Wars Helmets by Aleksandar Savic

    Keep going for sure. These are epic!

  5. 9 Jan Dann Petty Commented on Architecture Firm - Minimal Concept by Logan Cee

    Great work here Logan. Love the minimalist grid structure. Super fitting for a subject on architecture.


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