Turts Magurts Pattern

March 04, 2020

Turts Magurts is the follow-up to my previous Totes Magotes pattern, and is also something that no one asked for. Well, here it is anyways. Featuring a range of turtle species, lettering styles, and a multitude of stars, this pattern is...

Butterfly Swarm

October 23, 2019

Some fun butterflies I illustrated for a work in progress.

Stratigraphic Stripes Pattern

July 24, 2019

By altering my existing dinosaur pattern, I was able to create a scene that repeats vertically with the sky blending into the ground above. I wanted the end result to feel like a striped pattern at a distance but reveal lots of details u...

Dinosaur Pattern

June 27, 2019

Completed dinosaur pattern with 17 brush and ink illustrations, each with their own habitat vignette. My visual resources for this project were mainly dinosaur books that I found at my local library or flea markets. See attachment for f...

Painted Flowers Pattern

April 21, 2019

Hand painted flower motif created in Photoshop. While there's no doubt that a similar design could be created in no time with Procreate and an iPad, I am still drawn to the unplanned variation and texture that appears when using physical...

Butterwort Flowers [diamond grid]

April 08, 2019

Another design for my Fool's Paradise pattern collection. View the full collection on my Spoonflower store, or learn more about the project on my site.

Butterfly Pattern 02

January 07, 2019

One of two butterfly patterns created for my Fool's Paradise textile collection. Since the central pattern focuses solely on carnivorous plants, I imagined this design being the other side of the story. See the full project on my site.

Dan lehman flying pigs pattern

Flying Pigs!

October 26, 2018

After spending months drawing carnivorous plants, I needed to take a break and draw some flying pigs. Here's the result, which of course I turned into a repeating pattern! Click attachment to see the full thing and the initial sketches....

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