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September 26, 2016

Quick modified typography I did for a t-shirt brand

Got Hatillo?

August 21, 2016

Hatillo is a diary capital of Puerto Rico. This is tshirt design using the 'Got Milk?' campaign using my version of lettering.

I am the Serif in the town

February 02, 2016

quick sketch turned into clothing line ^_^

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Don't worry be(er) happy tee

April 26, 2015

Some old saying, but this time with fresh design, typography based, perfect for shirt or poster print (pls see attachment)

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шкART 3

August 05, 2014

Third design in a row, still in experimental phase till I find perfect formula. This one is completely different, but I hope there will be fans ;)

шкART 2

August 05, 2014

Second design draft from the #шкART collection is ready ^_^


August 04, 2014

шкART will be part of a larger t-shirt collection. This is the second design so far. Shkart means fake or kitch, and its a fun word play with "art".


May 26, 2014