Daniel Zat Counterstills 2019 by Daniel Zat

Matthias Moedl (tirlio) and Daniel Zat challenge each other for one quarter to make some illustrations in response to the creations of the other one.

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Hole Survey

August 06, 2019

People with antennas and antlers survey holes. 👽🕳️ This is part of the ongoing Counterstills challenge I have with my colleague Mathias Mödl on Instagram. 💪

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Counterstills B-ROW 04 WIP

July 22, 2019

WIP of Counterstills B-ROW 04, a challenge I keep going with my friend and colleague @tirlio on Instagram. 💪

Lion Frame

July 14, 2019

🦁RAWR! This is a slightly changed version of my most recent contribution to my counterstills challenge I am working on every week with @tirlio on Instagram. I hope you people have a roaring start into the week!