As a family doctor in the Southampton, Ontario, area, Dr. Daniel Gusberti treats people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. The Saugeen Shores Family Health Organization has five doctors who help people. Gusberti is one of them. He is an expert in family medicine, and he is also learning more about emergency medicine and medical care in hospitals. The former goalkeeper for the college soccer team has published medical research that was looked over by his peers. Gusberti is also a writer, and he has used his experience as a family doctor to write about how he helped some of the sickest people during the pandemic. As part of his work in the community, he helped set up a COVID-19 vaccination clinic for seniors in 2021. This clinic was for people who were most likely to get sick from the deadly virus. Gusberti is married and comes from Edmonton, Alberta, which is in Canada.

Southampton, Ontario, Canada

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