Daniel Putzer UI Monday by Daniel Putzer

Some Sunday afternoon shenanigans I'll try to post every now and then to improve my design skills and work flow. Suggestions in the comments are welcome!

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Continuity - UI Monday #5

February 11, 2019

#UIMonday is up! Even tho the Adobe XD Playoff isn't open for participants from the EU I still decided to give it a shot and dive into motion graphics for the first time ever. This is what I came up with; a simple concept for an online ...

Tensorboard - UI Monday #4

January 28, 2019

Been a while since the last #UIMonday shot! I've been playing around with machine learning lately and came across Tensorboard, a web app from @Google to analyze machine learning models built with Tensorflow. Since I haven't used it exte...

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μTorrent - UI Monday #3

December 17, 2018

Here we go again! #UIMonday Decided to casually start playing World of Warcraft again a couple of weeks ago and needed μTorrent to download an old WoW client to play on a private server. Not a huge fan of what μTorrent looks like so I t...

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Learn@WU - UI Monday #2

December 10, 2018

Another week another UI Monday! This time I decided to give my university's online learning platform, something I use daily, a little facelift. Hit the link below to compare it to what the platform looks like at the moment: https://www...

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Gmotion - UI Monday #1

December 03, 2018

Happy Monday everybody and welcome to the first edition of what I'll be calling UI Monday. Every Sunday I'll try to work on a random concept and post it on here the following Monday to improve my design skills. I recently used svgator....

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