1. Kanban Board – HIPA Cloud user centered user interface users pipeline stages intuitive user experience interface air table tables management tasks cards kanban board product modern light minimal ux ui
    Kanban Board – HIPA Cloud
  2. Booking Completed app web design ui checkout flow flow checkout completed booking
    View Booking Completed
    Booking Completed
  3. Communications page for Target Data commercial corporate analysis data chat communication webdesign uxdesign ui
    View Communications page for Target Data
    Communications page for Target Data
  4. Web Business Chat visualization profile page vector illustration dark ui branding communications ui  ux design visual design dribbble visual design
    View Web Business Chat
    Web Business Chat
  5. Fone Dynamics Homepage landing page call routing service ui design saas website professional marketing website platform marketing software platform marketing communications isometric illustration communications
    View Fone Dynamics Homepage
    Fone Dynamics Homepage
  6. Task manager & Milestone Planning (SaaS web app) b2b social messaging chat calendar design task manager tasks planning calendar figma prototype data admin analytics interface ux dashboard minimal software web app
    View Task manager & Milestone Planning (SaaS web app)
    Task manager & Milestone Planning (SaaS web app)
  7. Workly - Task Management product design web design style guide design system design interface dashboard web destkop app message inbox chat messaging shopify task management user experience user interface ux ui
    View Workly - Task Management
    Workly - Task Management
  8. Team Dashboard UI team dashboard ui calendar desktop app web app web capacity light minimal clean
    View Team Dashboard UI
    Team Dashboard UI
  9. Work Queue enterprise table material ui
    View Work Queue
    Work Queue
  10. Funds comparison tool compare comparison fund control analysis data minimal ugem app desktop dashboad graphic datatable clean ux ui fintech finance product design web
    View Funds comparison tool
    Funds comparison tool
  11. Ad manager menu tabs charts graphs product design website design webdesign data analytics dashboard snapchat pinterest instagram google facebook social media marketing social media manager ad manager
    View Ad manager
    Ad manager
  12. Zendenta - Patient detail webdesign crm erp ux ui doctor dentist dental appointment management schedule medical record data detail user patient dashboard
    Zendenta - Patient detail
  13. E-commerce Dashboard Design revenue charts fintech products fintech products dashboard flat design check data check data total orders total orders growing superhuman rate growing superhuman rate total sales dashboard design product design saas products design saas products design e-commerce dashboard design e-commerce dashboard design
    View E-commerce Dashboard Design
    E-commerce Dashboard Design
  14. Social Media Dashboard app ux interaction metrics art graphics minimal clean dashboard ui web design web product design data visualization data social media social dashboard
    View Social Media Dashboard
    Social Media Dashboard
  15. E-commerce Dashboard 02 ux design dashboard ui revenue by channel total sales total orders saas products design product design growing superhuman rate fintech products e-commerce dashboard design dashboard flat design dashboard design check data
    View E-commerce Dashboard 02
    E-commerce Dashboard 02
  16. Visual Data data circle graph charts chart graphs interface user-interface ui
    View Visual Data
    Visual Data
  17. Job statuses operations tools soloists referrals prefer table statuses tags edit data management admin jobs
    View Job statuses
    Job statuses
  18. Design Direction | Data & Infrastructure chart grid cards database tabs tooltip purple dashboad data visualization graph data
    View Design Direction | Data & Infrastructure
    Design Direction | Data & Infrastructure
  19. Moeco dashboard app design data visulization data flat ui design uidesign ui web ui saas design saas dashboard design dashboard ui iot dashboard
    View Moeco dashboard
    Moeco dashboard
  20. Chattermill - Dashboard in Motion bubble anomaly motion dashboard editor drag and drop data visualization charts graphs widget report design interface bar chart data analytics data visualisation enterprise management table
    View Chattermill - Dashboard in Motion
    Chattermill - Dashboard in Motion
  21. Procurement Dashboard | Supplier Profile reviews graph purple collection overview summary visualization data clean profile dashboard
    View Procurement Dashboard | Supplier Profile
    Procurement Dashboard | Supplier Profile
  22. Dedit UI elements tokens bitcoin ethereum blockchain finance cryptocurrency crypto dashboad chart ethworks coin data token
    View Dedit UI elements
    Dedit UI elements
  23. Untill - hospitality management platform - Reports data table back office light ui table design management app point of sale restaurant report table desktop web app product design web design ui  ux ui
    View Untill - hospitality management platform - Reports
    Untill - hospitality management platform - Reports
  24. Customer Feedback Filtering text analysis enterprise filters data visualisation desktop tag feedback editor search settings dashboard data visualization data management charts report interface feed bar chart data analytics
    View Customer Feedback Filtering
    Customer Feedback Filtering
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