1. Animated illustrations – L-Rex dog design motion vector illustration animation
    View Animated illustrations – L-Rex
    Animated illustrations – L-Rex
  2. Landing Page – L-Rex software open source illustration website ui ux web landing page
    View Landing Page – L-Rex
    Landing Page – L-Rex
  3. Fully Automatic motion machine coffee illustration animation
    View Fully Automatic
    Fully Automatic
  4. Moka Pot motion 2.5d coffee illustration animation
    View Moka Pot
    Moka Pot
  5. French Press motion coffee illustration animation
    View French Press
    French Press
  6. Logo for L-Rex negative space monochrome dog animation logo
    View Logo for L-Rex
    Logo for L-Rex
  7. Spielraum membership card gaming games logo pattern card spielraum
    View Spielraum membership card
    Spielraum membership card
  8. Spielraum splashscreen video games gaming splashscreen icons ui app
    View Spielraum splashscreen
    Spielraum splashscreen
  9. VVVV v icons experimental typography
    View VVVV
  10. Mobile portfolio portfolio website mobile exploration wip
    View Mobile portfolio
    Mobile portfolio
  11. Lyrikline // App ui app poetry
    View Lyrikline // App
    Lyrikline // App
  12. Lyrikline // website no colors player website poetry
    View Lyrikline // website
    Lyrikline // website
  13. Music Player 02 app spinning lyrics ui player music
    View Music Player 02
    Music Player 02
  14. Music Player 01 ui player music
    View Music Player 01
    Music Player 01
  15. Key V1 wip brand animated logo digital first
    View Key V1
    Key V1
  16. Night shift procreate computer illustration
    View Night shift
    Night shift
  17. Blood and Ice Cream painting cornetto packaging the worlds end hot fuzz shaun of the dead movies edgar wright wip
    View Blood and Ice Cream
    Blood and Ice Cream
  18. Make svg line animation illustrator typography
    View Make
  19. Bomb walk cycle bomb character animation animate
    View Bomb walk cycle
    Bomb walk cycle
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