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by Damian Kidd exsus.com/highway-one-roadtrip

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Ron Burgundy

Stay classy San Diego. Ron features on the end scene with Baxter and jack Black. http://www.exsus.com/highway-one-roadtrip/

December 09, 2013


Google Maps Car, VW Camper Van, Pick-Up and a Logging Truck

December 09, 2013


Cadillac Eldorado 59.

December 09, 2013


All the small characters used on and along the highway as tour guides on your trip. We have from top to bottom Abe, Arnold, Bai Yun the panda, Barry The Bi...

December 06, 2013

Highway One Roadtrip - Full Screen

One of my favourite screens featuring Chuck the lumberjack. http://www.exsus.com/highway-one-roadtrip/

December 06, 2013

Highway One Roadtrip

Here we go... This is something completely different from me. Since starting at Shout Digtial I have been working flat out to draw, illustrate and design th...

December 06, 2013