1. Infographic portion education infographic
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    Infographic portion
  2. Commencement Registration redesign form education
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    Commencement Registration redesign
  3. Genn Greymane pixelified pixelart
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    Genn Greymane pixelified
  4. Coop Counter ! animation app
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    Coop Counter !
  5. Functional - logo challenge design logo
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    Functional - logo challenge
  6. Heels! battle logo reddit
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  7. Polaris Airlines Dribbble battle logo reddit
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    Polaris Airlines Dribbble
  8. Page And Lambert Copy battle logo reddit
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    Page And Lambert Copy
  9. Logo challenge #2 island resort challenge logo
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    Logo challenge #2
  10. Logo Challenge challenge logo band
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    Logo Challenge
  11. Unfinished onboarding coaching marks onboarding mobile
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    Unfinished onboarding
  12. Beginning of a new portfolio web portfolio
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    Beginning of a new portfolio
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