April 10, 2016

An early working draft of the sources landing page. This was a tough nut to crack, as we had to convey a number of complex ideas to two distinctly different audiences at once (engineers and analytics analysts).

Bells and whistles

April 10, 2016

Another section from Segment's new Sources landing page. I had some fun contributing to the copy for headings on this project. Basically, a features section should show off the non-essential, but "nice to have" extras... hence bells and ...

Set up in minutes

April 10, 2016

Just one section from Segment's new landing page for Sources.

Simple analytics

February 24, 2016

Exploring a new illustration style. This depicts the way Segment simplifies the flow and movement of data.

Enable warehouse

February 20, 2016

App UI visual exploration.

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Let's get technical

December 30, 2015

Technical details for a Segment integration. Part of the new integration-detail pages.

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big tech icons

December 25, 2015

Large icon concepts for Segment. I'm aiming to develop something that's highly stylized yet unique. Might experiment with watercolors next. :)