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Multiple video game system

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Controller pcej

PC Engine Controller

January 09, 2017

100% vector controller made as a pull request for OpenEmu. Designed from the ground up in Sketch. :)

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PS Vita

January 15, 2016

100% vector PS Vita created entirely in Sketch. Made in the style and size for use with OpenEmu if they ever need it.

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Neogeo pocket color sketch

Neo Geo Pocket Color - Sketch

November 25, 2014

Another attempt at recreating one of my Fireworks assets in Sketch. I cheated a little bit by exporting the original fw.png to SVG and then importing it into Sketch 3. I still had to adjust every single object, but at least the foundatio...

Controller th tg16 sketch

TurboPad v3

February 22, 2014

An exercise to replicate something that I originally built in Fw using only Sketch 2. I learned quite a few things about the limitations of Sketch 2. However, I'm sure Sketch will get better over time. Deal-breakers for me (at the time ...

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