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  • 4 weeks
  • English
  • No experience necessary
The next course starts April 10, 2023

~10hrs/wk for 4 weeks

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Beginner designers, this course is for you. Learn Figma Fundamentals and grasp key UI design concepts needed to be a successful designer.

  • Beginner friendly
  • 6 hours on-demand video
  • Weekly 2 hr live sessions
  • Tuition credits to other courses
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Flexible learning

No need to quit your job with our mix of video & live learning


Weekly live & interactive sessions with your design mentor

First Step

Upon graduating, get a 45% discount to our certified course

Course Overview

Learn UI Design & Figma from the best in the industry

We believe anyone can learn the skills needed to work as a UI designer. In this 4 week introductory course, taught by Daniele Buffa, MetaLab’s Principal Designer, you’ll explore the discipline of user interface design. You’ll start with learning the industry standard UI design tool, Figma, and then move into UI fundamentals and best practices for creative projects.

At Dribbble, we don’t believe in learning alone so throughout this course you’ll be matched with an expert mentor currently working as a professional designer. This way, in addition to our robust curriculum, you’ll have support and guidance throughout the course. In the end you’ll complete a project and graduate with the fundamental understanding of UI design.

This course has a flexible curriculum: you will learn through recorded lessons, reviewing content at your own pace, as well as live sessions with some of the top experts in the industry. You’ll also be paired with a mentor to meet with weekly at a time that’s convenient for you. In these sessions they will give you professional guidance and direct feedback throughout the duration of the course.

Grasp Figma fundamentals & the UI design process

You’ll learn all the steps involved in designing a user interface from initial research to moodboard creation, UI exploration, flow creation, prototyping, and more. At the end of this course, you’ll know how to create impactful UI design and will have all the tools to bring your design game to a whole other level.

What you’ll learn

  • Principles of UI: Learn all the notions and rules that are at the core of this discipline
  • Design Process: Learn all the steps to set up your design workflow for success
  • Designing in Figma & FigJam: Find out the best way to collect references and inspiration and transform those into creative design executions.
  • UI Libraries: Learn the best practices when it comes to creating clear and well-structured UI libraries and Design Systems for your final deliverables.
  • Prototyping: Discover Figma’s full potential for creating realistic and fully- functional prototypes.
Meet your mentor

Dedicated mentorship

You’re not in this alone, as part of this course you’ll be matched with a mentor from our network. Mentors are hand-picked and have at least 4 years of product design experience in reputable design forward companies. Learn from the best in the space, create alongside them, and receive weekly live & asynchronous feedback on real-world projects.

The Dribbble mentor network

Learn the Dribbble way

In addition to mentorship, we’ve created a flexible learning program that combined weekly pre-recorded video lessons, mentorship sessions and live sessions with Daniele himself.

Weekly video lessons

Each week you will get hours of high quality, guided, video content taught by MetaLab’s Principal Deisgner, Daniele Buffa.

Our flexible curriculum structure has been thoughtfully designed, so you don’t need to quit your job to learn your craft and grasp essential UI design skills You can watch these videos and complete practice exercises in your own time, before meeting with your mentor in your live session.

Live mentorship sessions

We know that design is a subjective skill that needs hands on guidance and professional advice to master. That’s why our course includes weekly live learning sessions alongside a small group of designers from around the world. Your expert mentor will walk you and your classmates through UI design concepts and set weekly assignments, for you to get feedback on.

Live mentorship sessions

Learn-by-doing in our introduction to UI design course

Start your introductory UI course

If you are a beginner, start with this course. Introduce yourself in the student Slack, meet your mentor, and get set-up by reviewing course material.

Understand UI Design theory through mentorship

Learn the foundations of UI design through robust resources & mentorship. Engage in live expert intimate group teaching for two hours each week.

Get practical & complete a project in Figma

Dive into a brief and put your new skills into practice in Figma, as you complete your first UI design project. You will learn by doing and grasp the basics needed to be a great designer.

Graduate & prepare for our Product Design course

Gain your certificate and graduate with the key skills needed to participate in our certified Product design course at a discounted rate.

  • 4 weeks
  • Weekly live 2 hr mentorship
  • ~10 hrs/week time committment
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  • Week 1
    Introduction & UI Fundamentals

    The first week of the course is about taking the first steps into User Interface design basics. We’ll talk about the principles of UI— those concepts that are at the core of the discipline. We’ll also talk about the tools that we’re going to use during the course and the best UI resources available out there, from inspirational websites to existing Design Languages, interesting books, and more.

  • Week 2
    Research and Visual exploration

    After learning about the fundamentals of UI design, we’ll start to see how to put it all into practice. We’ll learn how to interpret a brief and get started on a creative project, all the way from research and moodboard creation to visual explorations in Figma.

  • Week 3
    Locking Visual Aesthetic and Scaling Design

    In the third week of the course, we’ll already have created some concepts and the next step will be to choose a direction to develop. At this point, we’ll lock the visual aesthetic and do a fully-immersive Figma session, learning all the tips & tricks of the software while scaling our design and aesthetic into a full user flow.

  • Week 4
    Components, Design System & Prototyping

    The fourth and last week of the course will focus on polishing and double-checking our design to ensure consistency. We’ll create the foundations, components, and modules to create a well-structured design system, also learning best practices when setting up design files for handoff.

A first step in your design journey

Upon graduation, if you’re looking to further improve your product design skills you’ll have the opportunity to graduate into our certified 16 week Product Design course, getting you and your portfolio career ready for your next job opportunity. All graduates will receive a credit for this 16 week Product Design course.

Daniele Buffa photograph 4 week course

Introduction to UI Design

If you are a beginner, start here. Learn Figma fundamentals and key user interface design concepts needed to be a successful designer.

Jesse Showalter photograph 16 week course

Certified Product Design

Launch your career in product design. Complete three projects, graduate with an interview ready portfolio, and be connected to our vast network of hiring managers.

What’s Included

An immersive and interactive learning experience

Our courses are built with students’ experience in mind - proven learning principles, mentorship, community-based plus a year of Dribbble Pro; unlocking all the tools you need to transform your career.

Your tuition fee deducted from our Certified course

You will learn the key concepts and practical UI skills needed to join our certified 4 week Product Design course.

Live mentorship

You’ll join a small group of designers for weekly live & interactive mentorship sessions. All our mentors are hand picked and work at top design companies.


You will be awarded a signed certificate on completion of your course, and a badge to add to your Dribbble profile.

Project-based learning

We believe UI design is best learned by doing. Students will get briefs and assignments each week and receive feedback and advice.

Access to online community group

Connect, network and share your ideas with designers from all around the world in an exclusive student Slack group.

Permanent access to course material

Gain permanent access to video content, PDF worksheets, templates, and reference material to grow your career.

A Figma Pro account

All students will get a free Figma Pro account. Grasping Figma is essential to the success of any designer. You will learn by doing alongside your mentor.

A Dribbble Pro subscription

With your course, you get one full year of Dribbble Pro, which allows you to showcase your work and get in front of potential hiring managers.

An immersive and interactive learning experience
Meet your instructor

Learn from the most qualified design instructors in the industry.

Meet your instructor

Daniele Buffa

Principal Designer, MetaLab

Daniele Buffa is a Creative Designer with focus on visual, motion, and interaction design. During his design career, he has had the opportunity to work with companies & clients like Google, Sony Music, Headspace, Business Insider, among many others.. He is also passionate about cinema and particularly loves the aesthetic of directors like Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive, Only God Forgives) and Dennis Villenueve (Arrival, Blade Runner 2049). Daniele loves to experiment with electronic music production in his free time and to play with his cat, Ed.

Wilco van Meppelen
Wilco van Meppelen
from Utrecht, Netherlands

“This course is great. The video material is full of information and Jesse does a great job in explaining all the subjects. The slack channel is really awesome, and the fact that you are divided into smaller mentor groups makes connecting very easy.”

Femi Odejide
Femi Odejide
from Lagos, Nigeria

“It has been an amazing experience, I am able to work my day job and study comfortably. I am excited about the line up of instructors and mentors from some of the best companies in the world, I am also excited about the opportunity to create a portfolio and get connected to hiring managers.”

Nico Fernandez-Wolff
Nico Fernandez-Wolff
from West Hartford, USA

“I'm really enjoying having a mentor to help guide me through UI design. Design is a very subjective skill, so in no way is everyone going to agree with your work. However, having a mentor really helps speed up the process of becoming better and always having someone to be that support is awesome.”

John Chavez
John Chavez
from Portland, USA

“I love the self-paced aspect of the learning materials. I work full time and the format of this course allows me to fit in study time through my day as needed. Jesse is also a fantastic teacher and he is able to deliver the content very clearly and in a format that is easy to digest. Slack Community has been a huge hit!”

Kenna Maskoet
Kenna Maskoet
from Ireland, UK

“As a graphic designer I currently want to change my career around and jump into the wonderful world of UI Design, an industry where I feel I can learn from others and grow more as an individual. I'm so excited to gain new skills, expand my network and eventually have a smashing portfolio that will allow me to land a job in UI Design!”

Caleb Ude
Caleb Ude
from Lagos, Nigeria

“Learning from industry leaders like Brad Frost, Jessica Ko and Jesse Showalter really excites me. I love the fact that we're paired with mentors who actively seek our growth and development. It feels like being held through the process, reducing the frustrations typical of new learning. I can't wait to graduate from the course and begin a new career!”


Simple, transparent pricing

We are transparent with our pricing and take pride in being accessible and affordable for the community.

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  • Icons/dribbble one five/circle check Figma fundamentals
  • Icons/dribbble one five/circle check Dedicated mentorship
  • Icons/dribbble one five/circle check Complete a UI Design portfolio project
  • Icons/dribbble one five/circle check Half your tuition fee deducted from our certified Product Design course
  • Icons/dribbble one five/circle check Foundations needed to succeed in our certified Product Design course
Got a question about this course?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Ask us anything about the curriculum, course projects or post-graduate life.

Want to see the course in action before enrolling?

Join our free info session and meet the team to get an introduction to the field of UI Design and learn whether this course is for you.

Introduction to Product Design
Daniele Buffa
Introduction to Figma & UI Design
  • Info Session
  • 1 hour
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Frequently asked questions

When does the course start?

Dribbble’s Introduction to UI Design course runs every quarter, with the next course slated to start April 10, 2023.

How does the certified course work?

Dribbble’s Introduction to UI Design is aimed at those who are new to design and aspiring to start their journey with the fundamentals! To get started in design, you will begin learning Figma & design basics over the course of 4 weeks!

Each week, there will be recorded video content to watch in your own time before attending a live, mentor session with industry experts. The weekly mentor sessions are intended to provide you more support and explanation on these topics. You’ll get expert tips, and feedback in real-time to grasp the design fundamentals.

Once you complete and graduate from the Dribbble introduction to UI Design course, you will receive a digitally signed certificate, along with a badge certifying completion that will live on your Dribbble portfolio. You can share your certificate and badge on your social media, like LinkedIn or your personal website.

How is this different from other courses on the market?

Our UI course is an introduction into the world of design and is conducted differently to traditional online education! You’re not teaching yourself; we match you with a mentor to help support and guide you.

We focus on Figma fundamentals and then show you how to implement this to create beautiful user interfaces. We’ll look at research and visual exploration, afterwards you’ll start your first project from a brief.

Keeping in mind that individuals learn differently and have questions, we offer mentor-matching in complementary lessons to the weekly video content. Mentors are there to support you and help you grow your design skills.

We have created a program that anyone can do starting out! The program consists of unique mentorship and an on-demand dual program; that way, you can fit the program into your schedule while still receiving personalized feedback and guidance.

What is the course format?

The Introduction to UI Design course is a mix of on-demand and live learning! You’ll have access to digestible tutorial videos and attend your mentor sessions prepared with any questions, and to learn more on the topics!

You’ll be matched with an expert mentor from a top design company! You’ll choose your session based on your timezone and schedule. We will give you a mentor for the time you need to make you proficient.

Upon completion of the course, a graduation certificate and a badge will be awarded to you on Dribbble. Afterward, we will circulate your interview-ready portfolio to our network of active and engaged hiring managers at top-tier design companies.

You will also be able to download and share your certification on other social media platforms from your user account.

What skill level is required to get started?

There is no experience necessary; anyone can do this! We’ll teach you how to go from nothing to grasping the Figma basics and creating your first UI Case Study.

If you’re a novice at design or exploring design as an interest and have never been able to finish other independent courses, we have you covered with asynchronous videos and expert mentors!

What are the peer/group learning opportunities in the course?

Dribbble certified courses provide students with the following opportunities:

Interactive student learning

Every week, you will interact with your classmates, receive exercises for feedback, and build on each other’s knowledge in introductory design concepts.

Exclusive Student Work

You can search for and connect with other students using the student Slack network! Find your study partner, co-founder, or buddy.

Group projects & mentor feedback

Finding a design mentor shouldn’t be hard. We match you with a mentor from a top design company, who will support and guide you as you grow your design skills!

Throughout the program, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a small group of classmates on projects, including a final User Interface Case Study!

Optional virtual events and workshops

Students and alumni are given an exclusive discount to attend Dribbble workshops, to network with classmates and participate in group-learning activities. Workshops usually last a few hours or span several days and are held a few times a year. Workshop participation is optional but encouraged!

What kind of job can I get after the program?

The Introduction to Design course is approachable and offers so much more than a YouTube video. This isn’t a course where the end-goal is to get a job after completion. We made this course for people wanting to explore design, learn the basics, and get mentor guidance before diving into more robust design.

How can I pay for the course?

For the UI course, we have 1 upfront payment option of $$799. (subject to change for any active discounts listed at checkout!)

How do I get my company to pay for me?

Would you like to take the course but need help asking your manager? Here are four talking points to help get your boss on board:

  1. 1. The course will inspire and re-energize you for your work
  2. 2. You’ll make meaningful connections with industry experts and peers
  3. 3. Discover new ideas for your product, best practices for your design team, and other valuable takeaways
  4. 4. Prepare to fill a hiring need or take on a new role internally through upskilling

If your company pays for your course, make sure to buy the course through your own Dribbble account, as the course and certificate will be linked to your Dribbble account.

What’s the refund policy if I change my mind?

Up to 2 weeks before the start of the course, you'll get a full refund. A prorated refund may be available once the course starts. If you have to cancel for any reason, you can submit a refund request here.

You can be assured that we obsess over the quality of our learning material, and we test it all beforehand to ensure that it's useful. Take a look at our testimonials if you need some reassurance!

What form of payments do you accept?

Dribbble accepts most major credit cards for all of our Education courses. We cannot accept ACH bank transfers, money wires, or any other payment method for our Education courses.

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