1. Smart Switch brightness light apple watch toggle switch home smart
    Smart Switch
  2. FreeNAS Dashboard monitor activity cpu management graphs dashboard freenas
    FreeNAS Dashboard
  3. Algonquin Park canada ontario park algonquin outdoors nature forrest canoe water illustration sunset summer
    Algonquin Park
  4. Condo Context unsplash property clean condo page landing ui estate real
    Condo Context
  5. #004 - Calculator challenge calculator ui dailyui 004
    #004 - Calculator
  6. Bank with ease sketch mobile app ui minimal iphonex banking
    Bank with ease
  7. Daily UI #3 dailyui dailyui3 landing explore discoverygo discovery
    Daily UI #3
  8. Daily UI Day 2 - Credit Card checkout payment card credit 002 dailyui
    Daily UI Day 2 - Credit Card
  9. Daily UI Day 1 - Sign Up signup unsplash 001 dailyui
    Daily UI Day 1 - Sign Up
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