1. Notion + Super Portfolio super notion website portfolio
    View Notion + Super Portfolio
    Notion + Super Portfolio
  2. Ditto App love couples relationships ui design mobile ui dark ui dark theme dark app design ui app
    View Ditto App
    Ditto App
  3. Folio WIP v2 webflow layout typography wip web ui dark landing page portfolio
    View Folio WIP v2
    Folio WIP v2
  4. Clutterfree - Tasks & Achievements notification icon badge minimalist todo list todo app progressbar achievement task task list design ios app ui
    View Clutterfree - Tasks & Achievements
    Clutterfree - Tasks & Achievements
  5. Clutterfree / UI bits headway minimalism household home minimalist card badge illustration design ios app design system ui kit ui
    View Clutterfree / UI bits
    Clutterfree / UI bits
  6. Augmented Reality Medical Prototype prototype ux ui care medical hospital patient profile health healthcare augmented reality ar
    View Augmented Reality Medical Prototype
    Augmented Reality Medical Prototype
  7. Wireframes / Prototype / DIY Furniture Builder diy prototype animation shopify lofi wireframe figma mobile web builder concept prototype web ux ui
    View Wireframes / Prototype / DIY Furniture Builder
    Wireframes / Prototype / DIY Furniture Builder
  8. /Shipwright guide ux scale figma frontend component headway ui typography theme color color contrast design system
    View /Shipwright
  9. Clutterfree - Plans clean household house home minimalist minimalism achievements tasks reading plans design ios app ui
    View Clutterfree - Plans
    Clutterfree - Plans
  10. Giving Experience for Life.Church app onboarding ux design ui design church give money finance ui ux donate giving
    View Giving Experience for Life.Church
    Giving Experience for Life.Church
  11. Cartography user experience ux flow onboarding cartography map flow church donation give cart ui ux
    View Cartography
  12. Project41 Homepage WIP landing page website mainpage homepage ui nonprofit wip web
    View Project41 Homepage WIP
    Project41 Homepage WIP
  13. BARCODES!?!?! barcode profile church location automation check-in ui ux wallet apple
    View BARCODES!?!?!
  14. Prototype: Visual Inline Editor webflow lifechurch app management content cms editor web prototype
    View Prototype: Visual Inline Editor
    Prototype: Visual Inline Editor
  15. Life.Church Attender V3 feed stream player audio lifechurch app ios ui
    View Life.Church Attender V3
    Life.Church Attender V3
  16. Flow — Talk Notes wireframe ux ui prototype layout ios flow flat design app
    View Flow — Talk Notes
    Flow — Talk Notes
  17. LC Watch App watch ui design flat dark apple watch apple
    View LC Watch App
    LC Watch App
  18. All the Media binge media ios audio player lifechurch ui ux navigation app
    View All the Media
    All the Media
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