Game Screen In GAMEE

April 23, 2017

We plan on adding a few new hopefully cool features into GAMEE, and had to redesign all our in-game screens to make it all work together. The old in-game screen was just that – a static screen that really limited what we could do. The n...

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Gamee New Sharing Screens

September 05, 2016

We’ll be launching our completely overhauled Feed (with reactions!) within GAMEE soon. One of the main parts of the new experience are these new sharing screens that pop up after you have a good game. We felt like the current implementa...

Gamee Developer Website

March 21, 2016

I joined the team behind Gamee App (the first social network full of free games) some months ago and have been working mainly on improving the iOS app since. This is a website to show off our social gaming platform to developers that I ...

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