Building Types for Terragraph

February 12, 2019

An animated illustration for Facebook's showing different types of buildings to illustrate how the service is used in real life. A quick way to compare what speeds you get for a single family home versus a stadium. Our ne...

Morphing Icons for Terragraph

January 16, 2019

Some mesmerizing animation of morphing icons for by Facebook. Check out our new website: and watch our reel:

Fb dark animation dribbble

Terragraph illustrations close up

October 30, 2018

Close up of one of the animated illustrations we did for the Terragraph site. Check out our very beta website –

Fb keyfeature dribbble

Terragraph Key Features

October 24, 2018

Key features sections with animations explaining on how each section works. Terragraph is a new internet technology by Facebook. Check our our new site:

What is terragraph dribbble 05

What is Terragraph

October 16, 2018

Another shot for the website project. In this one, we're showing the device itself while rotating through a few key points about it. Done with Facebook.

Terragraph all problems dribbble 02

Terragraph Illustrations

October 10, 2018

A set of animated illustrations created for We also design and built the website. Terragraph is a new internet technology by Facebook. Follow us on Instagram: Our website: https://clay.g...

Terragraph main page dribbble 10

Terragraph Hero Animations

October 09, 2018

Homescreen animations for, a new internet technology by Facebook. We designed and built the site, created all graphics, animations, and interactive elements. Instagram: Website: https:...