Web Applications, Analytics, Dashboards, Reports, by Claudiu Cioba

Collection of various web applications, dashboards, reports, analytics, charts and data heavy projects that required information architecture.

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Dashboard Web App

July 12, 2018

I am finally able to share some of the work that I've done in the past year for Rotageek, a UK based startup specialized in employment scheduling software. Here's a panel from a manager's dashboard where they can see the working schedul...

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Events Web App

July 12, 2018

Yo guys! Here's a closeup from an events management web app, I will share more of this soon. ✌️ ✉️ Contact me or 👋 follow me on twitter.

Cryptocurrency Website

June 26, 2018

Hey guys, I can finally share some work that's not under NDA anymore. I was tasked with designing a news website for crypto currencies. Be sure to checkout the large version for more details :) Have an awesome day! You can ✉️ contact...

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Reports Page

August 30, 2017

Hey beautiful people! Here is one of the many reports pages I worked on last year for PayJunction. Though this looks pretty clean a dark version was chosen as the final design. What do you guys think? 👉 I'm on twitter.

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Reports Web App

August 28, 2017

Hey guys, I had a lot of fun designing these data-heavy reports for PayJunction last year. Is it just me or do reports always look cooler on a dark background? :) Let me know what you think. Be sure to check the attachment for a bet...

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Web App Dashboard

August 21, 2017

Hey guys, Wanted to share some of the crazy color explorations I did while designing a web app early this spring. I know it's a bit too much but I to share it anyway because it might inspire or help some of you with your other projects...

SaaS Web App

August 21, 2017

Hey guys, a project I worked on early this year is about to launch and I can finally share some screens from the design process. 👉 I'm on twitter.

Scheduler Dashboard

May 02, 2017

I had a design exercise today to design an interface for a scheduler in about 6 hours. Good music and productive work made this happen in the given time, let me know what you guys think. Definitely check the large version, there's a lo...

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