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Pricing Page

I'm currently working on this pricing page and even though it's still a work in progress I thought I'd share it with everyone. Feedback is always appreciated!

January 04, 2012


Dashboard Stats

Just better and more clear preview of the dashboard chart. It's actually pretty similar to dribbble pro stats because it represents the same kind of data.

November 11, 2011


Dashboard Preview

I posted this on twitter yesterday and since people loved it thought I'd share it with everyone on dribbble :)

November 11, 2011


Profile Page Stats

I really wish I could share more of this interface that I am working on but for now I guess I'll just have to settle for close-ups like this one :)

October 26, 2011


Interface preview

Even though I am not 100% satisfied with the mail icon the entire interface is a work in progress and I am still iterating on it. Feedback is always welcomed!

October 07, 2011


Sign in

Sign in page for a new product I am working on. Best viewable in full size!

September 29, 2011

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July 13, 2011