Clarke Harris Maeson by Clarke Harris

Surprised by what products can be found on Amazon, but frustrated with the discovery process I created Maeson, a place to feature clothing and home goods.

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Maeson: Fluid Grid

October 01, 2019

Responsive exploration of the product grid. Carousel over to see the animation.

From the Archive: Maeson 2017-18

September 25, 2019

Maeson Continued: On top of having a simple grid view we also documented select products with an editorial presentation in mind highlighting brands that we thought were both made well and were environmentally or socially responsibility....

Graveyard Dead

November 09, 2018

You can't win them all, but I really tried with Maeson. Unfortunately awhile back I hit some major roadblocks with this project, so now it's gunna get posted up here, and who knows maybe there'll be a link someday. Photo by Luca Venter

Meason 120318

Maeson Grid

March 12, 2018

An early exploration for how a user might shop a product grid. In this exercise we eliminated the need of an extra page (click in to product detail → click back to product grid) by introducing the product detail in the grid utilizing rou...


January 24, 2018

Wordmark for a project that I've been holding onto for some time. Details to follow.