3 years of INK.

January 19, 2017

It’s been 3 years since I started working at INK. I finally decided to give the project a bit of design love on Behance. If you have 2 minutes to spare, I would love to hear your feedback about it. https://www.behance.net/gallery/4745584...

Ink - Resources section

November 19, 2016

I’m thinking about putting together a "useful resources" section for Ink. Something like this I guess. Status on the left is on hover. If I find enough time it would be cool to add and animate the bubbles. Ink is a free, open source sp...

Ink Hero Page

July 08, 2016

Just finished updating the hero section of Ink website. Happy weekend everyone! Ink is a free, open source specs generator for Photoshop. http://ink.chrometaphore.com

Charity page

November 15, 2015

I have recently released a big INK update to support artboards on Photoshop CC2015. Since I had a bit of time during the weekend, I decided to give the donations / charity section of the website a small make over. Ink is a free, open so...

Oven - free Photoshop plugin

September 27, 2014

If you are using Photoshop with Adobe Generator, you probably know how labelling layers to export assets takes time. Especially when you export for multiple resolutions. Oven it’s a little free Photoshop plugin that helps you generate la...

Cell - better Smart Objects control (Photoshop script)

July 20, 2014

I have just released Cell, a small open source project that hopefully is going to help you save some time when you work with Photoshop Smart Objects. You can get Cell Beta 1.0 here: http://cell.chrometaphore.com/ Looking forward to hear...

Ink | free Photoshop plugin

February 16, 2014

Simple webpage for a free Photoshop plugin i have just released. Learn more about Ink here: http://ink.chrometaphore.com ...I hope you will find it useful!