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This year I will upload 1 work everyday, to improve my skills and my way to solving problems as a designer.

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Training App Concept

January 17, 2019

Training app concept 💪🏋🏽‍♂️ Today I am looking training app that shows me exercises, healthy recipes, tips, and my progress. I decided to create this app concept, all about healthy life in one place. I will animate these screens soon 😬 ....

The Design Project - Personal Challenge is live!

November 26, 2018

TheDesignProject, more than a personal project was a personal challenge I made to myself almost 1 year ago, at that time I had planned to do a daily UI challenge, but I realized that in UI challenges the result was just something "nice" ...

Book apartment using AR - Daily UI Challenge

April 06, 2018

Daily UI challenge -Daily UI challenge - App that uses augmented reality to find apartments to buy and rent while you walk on the street —— Buy and rent Apartment is difficult, in the last months I was looking for new apartment, I look ...

Smart home app for control the lighting - Daily UI Challenge

April 04, 2018

Daily UI challenge - Smart home app for control the lighting of your house, you can turn on or off, and schedule to turn off in the night —— Today I am exploring new concept for smart home with lighting. I buyed the philips hue, and I u...

Data visualization for runners - Daily UI Challenge

April 03, 2018

Daily UI challenge - app for find partner for your dog, adopt and find feeding tips —— Today I am exploring new dashboard for runners, for you check data when you run, the timing, the map, calories, etc. It is normally that any person ...

App for adopt dogs - Daily UI Challenge

April 02, 2018

Daily UI challenge - app for find partner for your dog, adopt and find feeding tips —— Today it is difficult to find a partner for your dog, I personally take a long time and I do not have time to be looking or asking, it is also diffi...

Discovery ideas and people for team - Daily UI Challenge 49/365

March 23, 2018

Daily UI challenge 049/365 Management team sprint app —— I have many ideas in my head that I would like to be able to do, sometimes I find it difficult to find good programmers but above all they are motivated by the idea and not only f...

Management team sprint app - Daily UI Challenge 48/365

March 23, 2018

Daily UI challenge 048/365 Management team sprint app —— As part of my day to day, I have to know what happens in all the teams and see how the progress is going and also I need to meet with certain people, and define many things. With ...