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Qonto The ideal banking alternative for freelancers, startups and SMEs, in replacement or in addition to your business banking account.

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Coming soon - Qonto Login V2

January 17, 2019

Hello! We are going to release an update very soon with a fresh new experience on the login. Huge thanks to @Tom Souverain to bring the Qonto branding through the product! 👏 All illustrations are not fixed but animated and will be imple...

Qonto App Store Screenshots

January 16, 2019

New screenshots for App Store

Requests list and detail - Qonto

December 20, 2018

Hi Left screen This is the new way to display requests transfer on the app. Basically an employee can request a transfer to an admin and he will appear on this section. Currently in prod. Right screen On the detail screen admin can de...

New headers & transfers list - Qonto

December 19, 2018

Hi folks Today we release the new version 1.8.1 Qonto iOS app with some fresh new headers through sections and a visual improvement of transfer orders and requests list. Live version => check out the Play Store & App Store Lea...

Qonto quick filters v2 ios app christophe kerebel product designer

Transactions Quick Filters V2 [WiP] - Qonto

December 06, 2018

Hi folks Last week I've been working on an UX improvement of quick filters on Qonto mobile app. After few user test I realized that current version (See attachment) wasn't very clear. Indeed users don't really understand filters without...

Scan vat auto detection qonto ios app christophe kerebel product designer

VAT Auto Detection - Qonto

December 05, 2018

Hello everyone Happy to show what I've been recently working! The new iOS and Android components. Uploading document and VAT extract. Every time you upload a receipt, the app will look into your receipt to extract the VAT rate so that...

Qonto android change category christophe kerebel dribbble

Category change - Qonto

October 25, 2018

Hello everyone Related to my previous shot Transaction Detail V2. Here is how you can change the transaction category on Android. Category icons made by @Tom Souverain 🎨 Live version => check out the Play Store & App Store Le...

Transaction detail qonto ios app christophe kerebel

Transaction Detail V2 - Qonto

October 24, 2018

Hi folks 🙂 This is the first step of the Qonto mobile app redesign (iOS & Android). Almost all the sections will be updated gradually in order to create a common visual language and a similar experience across all our products, mobi...