Chris Doner re-design by Chris Doner

Website redesign project for the site. Including products, blog, and pro-team sections.

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Pro Team | Profile Page

August 17, 2015

Along with the other website updates we will be rolling out updated profile pages for our sponsored staff pro photographers. Updates include a nice cover photo, ability to view and purchase the products that pro uses, pro's instagram fe...

Product Page Stats

August 17, 2015

Adding "Mobility", "Suspension", "Capacity", and "Versatility" stats and descriptions to all of the new f-stop backpacks. Still in the works but excited to see it live soon. Added a helpful UX element by adding links to the highest rate...

Blog Landing Page

August 17, 2015

Excited to see the Blog page for up and running. Devs are still working on the top banner but the rest is in place. Check it out

eCommerce UX

August 17, 2015

One of the UX solutions I've been working on for the website. The backpacks use a modular system (ICUs) for customizing exactly how much camera gear vs everything else you carry. This proves difficult for the shopping UX be...

The f-stop system landing page

July 15, 2015

Something we've been missing at f-stop for a long time is a way to quickly explain how our unique (and often confusing) camera pack system works. I designed this landing page to to just that. See the live page at