Camcare Blocking and Lo-Fi

November 25, 2017

Here's a look at where CamCare started. I am a firm believer in starting on paper or whiteboard before even pushing a single pixel. Here's a little of that journey to get to the end result.

Camcare Provider User Journey

November 24, 2017

To bring added value to pet care facilities I wanted to explore how the Provider App would offer features to update a pet’s information, weight, height and provide status updates to pet owners. The goal is to help reduce the need for pet...

CamCare Live Streaming Pet App

November 24, 2017

Over a year ago I designed the UX and UI for a conceptual app to help consumers connect with their pets when needing to stay at a Kennel or Vet hospital. The idea was to create a simple UI that gave pet owners the ability to find pet car...

CamCare: Pet-Care Icon Set

November 15, 2016

Thought I would share some details of the CamCare app and highlight the icon set chosen for the project. Half are from some of the GREAT icon sets you can find out there on the web and the other half are created from scratch. Since the w...

MadebyCodera - CamCare Page

November 15, 2016

The CamCare project was something everyone was super excited about moving forward. It started from a simple conversation of, "I wish there was a live feed of my pet when I drop them off at the kennel so I can have some peace of mind when...

Camcare Brand

July 19, 2016

CamCare is a new product to the market that solves an enormous problem in the animal care space, peace of mind. When you go on vacation you can have access to see your pet in their kennel via live video streaming to your mobile device an...