Smash CRM - Dashboard Interface

November 29, 2017

Here's a look at a concept layout for the Smash CRM dashboard done in a few days back in June. The idea was to create a widget based dashboard that would allow users to customize their interface for their workflow. Also the widget allow ...

Smash CRM - Mobile Feed

November 28, 2017

Here's a look at a project I was working on at the start of summer where we were creating an MVP concept for a new CRM. Throughout the design the elements were created using a card based approach to allow elements to work alongside one a...

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Calendar Widget Wireframe Exploration

March 17, 2017

Working on some wireframes for a new app. Playing around with the idea of using more native iOS elements for accessing a users calendar in this latest project.

Smash Re-Brand

March 14, 2017

Super excited to announce the new brand for Smash. This re-brand was a huge undertaking to find the best solution for a company that wanted to pivot it's position into a tech-forward company.

Conceptual Exploration - Live Streaming

February 24, 2017

Working with team members in different parts of the World, the challenge can sometimes be, "How do I share my process with everyone?" Most solutions like Google Hangout, Zoom, etc... solve these problems but when it come to the conceptua...