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by Charlie Waite

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Product Page

Reworked the bottom portion of the product page. The slider will either rotate through other app images or possibly change to the desktop app or android app....

July 23, 2013

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U Solutions Page 2

WIP from a different product page for the solutions tab. Images and type are just place holders for now. Created with the Focus Lab team

July 18, 2013

U Case Studies

Working on the case studies page, getting closer to wrapping up all these pages. Really liking the way the site is coming together. Created with the Focus ...

July 17, 2013

Solutions Page

Another WIP shot from the solutions page. Created with the Focus Lab team

July 11, 2013

Solutions Page

WIP on one of the sub pages for a new project. Icons are by @Rocky Roark. More to come... Created with the Focus Lab team

July 09, 2013

U Home Page

New project, still an early WIP more coming soon. Check out the branding by @Bill S Kenney, @matt yow & @Rocky Roark. Created with the Focus Lab team

June 26, 2013