Calenday iOS7 Redesign

December 05, 2013

I´m currently redesigning my app called Calenday for iOS7. I just started with it yesterday so it will take me some time but I already have a lot of fun with it : )

Calenday Menu

January 12, 2013

Calenday Startscreen v2

July 20, 2012

Changed the icons a little bit. See attachment for original size :) Here is the original version

Calenday icon somewhat

July 16, 2012

Work in progress Did this yesterday and wanted to share it with you. Not final, not even really begun and just an idea of what it could look like on a promo-based page :)


July 14, 2012

This is my first shot here. So be kind... (Many thanks to @Modisana for the invite) I thought about how screwed my calendar is on some days of the month, so I wanted to design an app, which is simple but yet powerful in daily calendar...