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This is our completely new, redesigned, rewritten customer app for iOS and contributor app for iOS & Android Concept, UX, UI, Visual

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Shutterstock Contributor Dashboard

May 22, 2015

Just playing around with some ideas for an upcoming project for our contributors at Shutterstock. Thanks @zanilic for the awesome mocks!

Shutterstock Login Modal

May 20, 2015

So this will be the final login main screen. This will be presented modally whenever the user triggers an action that requires a login. Thanks @gdesigns for this great mockup freebie

Components Documentation for iOS

May 20, 2015

Also, you guys know I enjoy writing documentation and work under the hood to make it as easy as possible for developers and designers to fully understand the specifics of elements that are used in our customer app for iPad and iPhone. ...

Pixel-Pushing In Xcode

May 20, 2015

Since we´re about to launch our completely redesigned and rewritten customer app at Shutterstock, I´m doing some last and final touches on several UI elements in Xcode´s Storyboards and code so our dev´s can focus solely on bugs ; )

Wireframes Sign Up

December 12, 2014

I´m currently working on a bunch of very interesting and exciting things for two projects - This one is a proposed flow for the process of signing up as a Shutterstock Contributor on iOS. If there are any Shutterstock Contributors out t...

Shutterstock Icons

September 23, 2014

I´m proud that I had the opportunity to work on Shutterstock´s viewfinder icons for our customers, contributors, blogs, our social media channels and also mobile applications. We started rolling them out today. There´s plenty of awesome...