New York City

August 29, 2012

Another city illustration matching the San Fran one I posted a couple of weeks ago, this time for NYC. What you can't see on here is the Brooklyn Bridge disappearing off to the right.

San fran

San Francisco

July 19, 2012

Little snippet of a site header. What you can't see from this shot is that the city is sitting on the top of a big ass globe. The buildings I am trying to invoke are (in order from left to right): - Row of gingerbread-style houses - Ci...

Liveurbn logo

LiveUrbn Logo

March 29, 2012

Early exploration for a logo for an urban-only apartment rental site. The glyph is constructed from shapes with dimensions in multiples of 4 so it scales to exact pixels at 32, 64, 96, 128 and so on.