Ticket wallet menu 4

Ticket menu study

November 24, 2015

Some more work from the Summer, this time another quick Keynote animation showing a menu interaction. The bouncy text labels are simply indicating touch events – not the desired visual feedback. Check out On Track. Pleasure working wit...

Ticket scrolling animation

Ticket scroll

November 23, 2015

A quick Keynote animation study of the ticket detail view within Go Ahead's app On Track. In the end we thought this paper ticket interaction concept added little value to the user and decided to ditch it in the final release.

Ticket wallet data

Ticket data test

November 19, 2015

Some work from the summer testing a UI with the awesome Sketch Data Populator plugin. This is a user's train ticket itinerary in Go Ahead's app On Track. Great working with The App Business on this one.

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Paper ticket prototype

Paper ticket prototype

August 25, 2015

We're working on a new feature for a client's travel app. Here's a concept design for the drill down transition between a travel ticket's content preview and detail view.