D9a954ed6d2e746a5e002aff3e060c5f Natwest Redesign

by Callum Chapman natwest.com

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Responsive Natwest Redesign (Retina) #2

Please view the full size retina pixels! As promised, here's the revised version of my original Natwest Online Banking redesign. I've made several changes t...

December 31, 2012

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Responsive Natwest Redesign (Retina)

I've been redesigning part of Natwest's online banking site in my spare time. It's a site I visit most days, and although their current design could be worse...

December 06, 2012

Natwest Wireframe

I've had a little bit of free time recently, mostly due to a client I had signed 3 months of my life to struggling to secure their funds, and therefore quick...

December 05, 2012