Caitlin McCormick Backyard Mushroom Project by Caitlin McCormick

I went on a hunt for mushrooms in my backyard. Took photos. Now trying to identify all of them, and putting together a booklet of my findings.

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Backyard Mushroom Project Cover

February 28, 2013

be sure to check out full image- its a great photo, currently my desktop background

Screen shot 2012 10 22 at 7.32.56 pm

Backyard Mushroom Project

October 22, 2012

how about this layout? also still trying to identify all the shrooms i found two are impossible


Backyard Mushroom Project

October 17, 2012

New layout, new size. Thoughts?

Mush shot

Backyard Mushroom Project

October 14, 2012

Went in my backyard to see how many species of mushrooms I could find. Turns out my backyard is pretty much a mushroom factory. Trying to figure out a layout for my findings. Suggestions welcome.