November 18, 2014

In this latest iteration, which is still in a very early stage somewhere between wireframe and design, I tried to combine both the monthly overview and the list of dates in one single screen. The dates added to the current day are displ...

Some more

August 09, 2013

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Obsessed with calendars...

August 08, 2013

My calendar app concept redesigned for iOS7.

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CalendarApp - Details

June 12, 2013

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May 16, 2013

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Capp details d

capp - iPhone calendar app details

January 09, 2013

Here's another update to the calendar app I've been working on. In this shot you can see details of a specific date. Swipe horizontally to go through days and vertically see all your dates, meetings, birthdays and anything else. I'm ur...

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capp - iPhone calendar app

December 11, 2012

Here's an update to the calendar app I've been working on. It's finally being developed!!! So stay tuned for more news. I made some changes as well. There will be different themes available for the app with the one seen in the shot b...

Calendar details

calendar details

September 26, 2012

Here's another screen from our upcoming calendar app for your iPhone. It's an update of the screenshot that was an attachement of a shot i posted a few weeks ago. Here you can see all the due dates for the day. Swipe left or right on ...