March 02, 2014

This weekend I went to Tahoe with some friends on the Dropbox ski trip, and because I've basically been sick for the last three weeks I stayed indoors for most of the time. It ended up being awesome as our cabin ultimately turned into on...

anna sui f/w 14 - WIP

February 20, 2014

it is truly difficult to observe anna sui's f/w 2014 presentation and not fall in love. while watching her show this weekend i was utterly blown away; she mixes all of my favorite things — precise, ornate chinese detailing with this edgy...

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you are the universe in ecstatic motion

February 15, 2014

inspired by the most precious quote from rumi, "you are the universe in ecstatic motion" (see full). this is for my best friend neesha, happy birthday <3 PS: you gotta check out these watercolor brushes here (

a girl, a happy girl

January 26, 2014

inspired by some of the work that @Allison has been doing (as always) and the desire to get better at drawing people (@Ryan), I'm doing a lot more of these early-morning-meditative-zone-out-for-an-hour-with-tablet-lalalala digital painti...

Money doesn't grow on trees... does it?

January 26, 2014

A lil something I drew over the holidays for a friend's project at Venmo! Go check it out:!

spooky skull

January 07, 2014

my friend cody has a really sick tattoo of a skull on his arm that i couldn't stop staring at all day yesterday. this is my spin on it cause why not! peace~

sweet dreams

December 31, 2013

drawing for fun from my friend's beautiful house in the misty seattle woods. happy NYE and here's to catching your dreams!