Tim Cook NBA Art Shows by Tim Cook

I've been lucky enough to participate in a handful of NBA sponsored art shows for various teams. Every piece is a "sports card" honoring the designated teams.

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Blaze Trading Card

May 08, 2017

My piece for 5 On 5, a tribute to the Portland Trail Blazers, hosted by The Athletic and Double Scribble in Portland over the weekend. Includes some references to the Blazer's rich history including their '77 Championship, early 90's F...

Splash Brothers Trading Card

April 27, 2016

Print for a Golden State Warriors art show in Oakland. Hopefully I'll get asked to do an art show for every team in the league and end up with a fun series! 18"x 24" three-color screen print on French Lemon Drop


Grizz Trading Card

July 21, 2014

My submission for No Easy Buckets, a basketball art show sponsored by Double Scribble and The Memphis Grizzlies. 18"x 24" three-color screen print. Every time that I'm lucky enough to participate in a NBA sponsored art show for a specif...

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