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Vintage Web Designer Portfolio

September 21, 2010

Here's a shot of an upcoming web designer portfolio template with a traditional style and emphasis on typography. Update: This file can now be downloaded free at

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Tumblr PSD Template

August 17, 2010

Quick look at an upcoming PSD template for a Tumblr theme, soon to be available for free on Photo icon courtesy of

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Design Kindle - Coming Soon

August 02, 2010

Coming Soon page for Design Kindle. Logo help from Andrew Knapp. Also, we're giving away an iPad to one lucky winner. See the details to learn how you can enter before our September launch.

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Cystal Ball

July 21, 2010

An older design I played around with while trying out a new tablet. Available for download here:

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Showcase Template

July 08, 2010

The start of a gallery template (could easily be used for a showcase/portfolio site) to be released for free in an upcoming project :) Update: Available for free at