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When my passion meets my own name. 850 Scalable Vector Line Icons with 5 different sizes. PSD PNG AI EPS CSH SVG

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Budicon Classic 2.1

May 30, 2017

Hey good peeps, I've recently updated Budicon Classic. We have more icons and has a major improvement on Sketch file. I had an extra time on the last weekend, so I made this just for fun. One thing I'd like to communicate is Budicon Cl...

Budicon Classic 2.1 (update)

May 22, 2017

Hello y'all. Created this quick illustration for my blog cover. I've just released the Budicon Classic update! We're now in 2.1 Please read the details on our blog: Budicon Classic 2.1 If you've purchased the v2.0 Please go to my-acco...

Budicon Classic Shady What?

April 13, 2017

Hey dribbble peeps, Did I mentioned Budicon now comes with solid style? Oh, and also, there is a new style I called is "Shady". www.budicon.co Press F for high five What is shady? This specific style is designed to enhance your active...

Budicon classic 2

Budicon Classic 2.0 - 100%

April 12, 2017

Finally, the wait has come to the end! I'm so happy to introduce you Budicon Classic 2.0. Check it out--> www.budicon.co Please support my productHunt post: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/budicon ---------------- discount code: dr...

Budicon 2.0 (70%)

January 05, 2017

Coming soon! Press "L" if you like them! As I mentioned earlier: - It'll have around 1200-1500 icons - Come with solid version ( I know, right?) - If you have Budicon 1.0.0 - 1.3.1, you will get a special price offer to upgrade - All i...

Budicon 2.0 (60%)

January 02, 2017

Happy new year! I have been working to upgrade Budicon 2.0 I am planning to give more frequent updates, so, I will post more here. Anyway.. Here are the plan: - Budicon 2.0 will have around 1200-1500 icons - Budicon 2.0 will have soli...

Budicon-Chroma 50%

October 25, 2016

Hey, I'm currently giving up all my client works and dedicated the upcoming 2 months to build another 2 icon sets. After a couple of year doing a lot of icon projects, I have learned a lot from mistakes and want to produce a better icon...

Budicon Gradient

December 02, 2015

A new set for my upcoming Budicon v.2 Still exploring style, I'm playing with gradient fill here. What do you think about this? Would you like to get some of these for your next project? Press L if you'd say "yes" ------ Available for i...