Grwo Icons

June 17, 2016

Every beginning is hard. This is my first real attempt at custom icons for something new at Grwo.

Let's Grwo

May 12, 2015

Two weeks ago I posted the first part of our Grwo redesign, this is the second. We recently released this version for students in The Netherlands and the USA. Attached are the real pixels of the actual app. With Grwo you can earn points...


April 28, 2015

Our team has been working on Grwo for a while now. Recently we released a new app for the iPhone. This is an illustration I made for it a while back, part of a bigger redesign. With Grwo you can earn points for learning and redeem those...

Grwo Social Feed

October 10, 2014

Working on a social feed for the Grwo website, based on Pavel Kucherbaev's awesome plugin We're releasing a live version next week at

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