Futrli | QuickBooks Integration Page

November 28, 2019

A new page for the Futrli marketing site, showcasing QuickBooks integration throughout the web platform.

Futrli | Slack Integration Page

November 27, 2019

Another section for the new Futrli marketing site, highlighting Slack integration on the platform.

Futrli | Predict Marketing Site

November 21, 2019

A quick scroll through one of the main product pages for the new Futrli marketing site, showing a new product we've been helping to design, called Predict.

Futrli | Flow Marketing Site

November 19, 2019

One of the main product pages for the new Futrli marketing site, showcasing the new products we've been helping to design. This one for measuring daily cash flows is called Flow.

Futrli Homepage Banner

November 19, 2019

Over the past year we've been designing multiple products simultaneously for business forecasting platform Futrli, which all connect together into the Futrli suite. To illustrate the benefits of having all your business data in one conv...

The Hive

October 21, 2019

An early access signup page for the new marketing site we're currently designing for Futrli. This product, called The Hive, integrates with the whole suite of products, allowing like-minded professionals to connect and exchange useful in...

Business Suite Product Icons

October 21, 2019

Some icon design work for the business forecasting platform we're working on. Each icon is essentially its own product, and will usually be seen as a small icon inside the notification UI — with The Hive being the central product where p...

Login Bees

October 17, 2019

Some more animation work for the business forecasting platform we've been working on for the last year. Working in some little delights, using the characters we created as part of the onboarding process. In this one they're happy to rec...