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GoSpotCheck v3.0 Missions Screen

This is the latest design for the GoSpotCheck Android app. I've been leading design efforts here at GoSpotCheck for nearly 2 years now, and we are always ref...

February 07, 2014

GoSpotCheck 3D Printed Keychain

3D Printed our logo as 1" diameter keychains; went through quite the process to paint these guys, but love how they came out.

December 11, 2013


A quirky 404 page (inside joke for Colorado).

July 01, 2013

GoSpotCheck Task Icons

Updated task icons for our web and mobile apps. Learn more about what we do at: gospotcheck.com

June 13, 2013

GoSpotCheck iOS Side Menu

On to v2 of the mobile app! After many learnings from v1, we are in the process of simplifying and beautifying the iOS and Android GoSpotCheck apps. Real pi...

May 08, 2013