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  1. I began my career as an illustrator and continue to hone my skills. I primarily work with vector art, but have recently begun playing with 3D and other methods.
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    Updated February 12, 2017
    1. Typography is one of my primary areas of focus as a designer; here you'll find a lot of experimental stuff based on that beautiful thing we call type.
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      Updated January 26, 2017
      1. I enjoy branding projects, specifically iconic logos; I strive to create identities that stand out and work at every size.
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        Updated January 23, 2017
        1. This project contains User Interface and User Experience design work I've done over the years; mostly anything that can be interacted with (typically digitally)
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          Updated November 23, 2014
          1. Icons are the most basic form of graphic design - communicate something visually, as simply as possible. What more can I say? I love icons.
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            Updated November 24, 2014