9d81895ff4a260e15c52b7cd514a723a Cinco de Mayo

by Brendan Pittman

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Hand-Painted Signage

Stepping away from the computer is nice. 4' x 2' hand-painted panels. Big shot.

May 14, 2012

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Cinco de Mayo Invitation

I never posted the invites, and since the wedding is in 3 days I thought now is a good time. Fiesta! Larger version Check out the-pittmans.com for more wed...

May 02, 2012

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Cinco small

Printed map

Maps are printed and shipped. And yes, that is a donkey piñata peeking in the frame. Larger images here.

April 06, 2012

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Map pieces

Austin Visitor's Guide Illustrations

Different illustrations I did for a large visitor's guide to Austin. Had a lot of fun with this one. Will post the full piece soon. Larger

March 22, 2012

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Save the Date

More wedding stuff. This is front of the postcard that we'll be sending out to familia and amigos. Why a drive-in? Check out Brittan's film – he captured t...

January 19, 2012

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de mayo y mustard

A date some people are going to save.

January 17, 2012



A little piece from a bigger piece.

January 09, 2012