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Luxogram brand

Luxogram Brand - Logo design

Currently working on enhancing the Luxogram brand. Starting with a new logo and website design. what do you think of the logo so far?

June 28, 2012

Luxogram ipad app website

Luxogram iPad App Website

Everything is really starting to come together. Getting the website ready for launch. :) Here is a small preview of what we have in mind. Inspired by TapT...

April 02, 2012


Luxogram iPad App Promo Cards

Just got these in. Will start giving them to friends to give out when the app is ready. :D

March 28, 2012

8 new photos

8 New Photos - iPad UI

Still cranking away on the design. :D The force is strong with this one.

March 22, 2012

Pull to refresh

Pull To Refresh iPad UI

When you pull down this is what you see. Just wait till you see the animations. :D

March 21, 2012