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Stratus in the iOS AppStore

We just launched the app (finally). Available on your iPhone & iPad FREE. Go check it out! Don't forget to rate and review it. (5 stars of course)

June 23, 2011



Working on a new page for StratusApp. Was inspired by the fine guys at Cultured Code. What do you think?

June 06, 2011


StratusApp website competition

So, I finally got around to coming up with a simple website design for StratusApp. I thought I would open this up to everyone and try to make a fun little c...

June 03, 2011

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Mist iPhone Wallpaper

Another version of the wallpaper series I am working on for the promotion of @stratusapp. Check it out Large!

June 01, 2011


iPhone Wallpaper

Here is a wallpaper I worked on for the promotion of @stratusapp. I will have a few more coming too! :D Check it out large!

June 01, 2011