Flaer's Marketing Website WIP

May 21, 2013

We're getting so close to launch! Here is a sneak peek into the beginnings of the marketing page. It's tough when the app is so simple, there isn't too much to show off. Sign up to be notified when we launch! (It's going to be spectacul...

Flaer Onboarding

March 22, 2013

This is part of the onboarding for our new app. The lines animate very subtly like waves. This is a style throughout the app. Signup to hear more at flaer.me!

Flaer is on its way!

March 21, 2013

We are nearing launch of our first internal app at Collective Ray. This is just a simple launch page, a full site will be out when we release. This is still a work in progress and will probably be tweaked in the next few days. In the m...

Flaer: A new app for iPhone

March 08, 2013

A teaser of a new app we have been working very hard on for the past 6 months at Collective Ray. It's getting very close to BETA. Only a couple weeks before launch. More details coming soon!

Flaer iOS Icon

January 16, 2013

Enable Location Services

January 08, 2013

We have been working really hard on a new app from Collective Ray which requires Location Services. We needed an solution for when Location Services has been disabled. So I re-created the steps (in icon form). These icons are super clos...

Map Wires

December 10, 2012

Working on a theme for presenting wires at Collective Ray. This is a preview of what we are working on for the iPhone/iPhone 5 wires. We are thinking about color coding our process as well (white=IA, blue=wires, black=visual) Included ...