eCondolence Logotype

January 29, 2020

Wordmark option for eCondolence.

Bear Logos

December 12, 2019

Some bears I did for a recent project.

Nautical Related Logo

November 14, 2019

Some logo concepts for a nautical related company.


November 09, 2019

Logo designs done for CaveSale. C/Cave combination with some funky type treatment.

Smart Hotel Rate

November 06, 2019

Logo design done for Smart Hotel Rate. And a secondary option that was quite fun to make :)

Best Reviews Logo

October 30, 2019

Logo design done for Best Reviews. Out of all my clients, they have probably put their logo on the most things. Everything on their site that they review has a picture of their logo somewhere in the background.

Duct Rescue

October 28, 2019

Final logo design done for Duct Hero.

Wicious Pictures

October 25, 2019

Logo design done for director Patty Jenkins' (Wonder Woman) new studio.

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