Bradley Schnickel: Minnesota Travel Advisor Shares Experience

Bradley Schnickel, a Minnesota-based travel advisor for the past 15 years, loves using his training and experience to help his clients create a perfect vacation. In addition to making flight and hotel reservations, Schnickel helps match clients with destinations that match their travel wish-list. Sometimes these destinations are places they never would have considered on their own, explains Schnickel. He also creates customized travel itineraries, complete with sightseeing and restaurant suggestions, as well as offer advice on things like how to get the travel documents clients needs, what to pack and wear, what time of year to travel, and what to see and do at a particular destination. Schnickel feels this is where a good travel advisor is invaluable.

Schnickel has traveled extensively in the United States, Europe and the Caribbean. His favorite type of trips include cruising, visiting theme parks and going anywhere with his wife and young son.

Minneapolis, MN

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