Salesforce1 UI Kit

December 09, 2013

Read about the story behind the style guide here: The team spent about a month documenting the new Salesforce mobile app. This is the UI kit that includes all the components used in the design. http:/...

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App Profile Masthead

November 07, 2013

The Publisher

October 03, 2013

Content creation is important for a feed. To increase the amount of published content, we designed this publisher UI. It's basically a trey of actions that you can use to post an endless variety of customizable objects into the Salesforc...

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Page Header for iPad

June 03, 2012

Page header of a native iPad app in the works by the design team at Salesforce. Collaboration with @mark delamere and @Grant Anderson.

App containers

iPad App Containers - Color Exploration

April 14, 2012

Just messing with some iPad layout treatments. Dark sidebar with light main content area. Going for a good balance in flatness, textures and color.


App UI

February 08, 2012

App interface I'm collaborating on with @Cole Rise.

Job landing page

Job Landing Page

August 23, 2011

Working on a landing page for new designers. I'll post more in the coming days. Feedback is welcome!