Tally App micro interactions

January 02, 2019

Some of the basic micro interactions for my Tally app concept. Tally is part of UI experiments Check out the Origami Studio file if you're interested (you'll need DIN Regular, Medium and Bold to see this correctly)

Tally Dark

December 14, 2018

Dark theme explorations for the Tally app concept.

Tally App Exploration

November 30, 2018

Ok so here's the deal - I have a really hard time spotting a decent tally app for iOS, so I set out to explore the idea of building one. Meanwhile I figured that using this to experiment with some micro-interactions could be a nice place...

Moodboard Exploration

November 29, 2018

A prototype visualisation for a visual direction. Check out the .app file to play with the prototype.

Editorial Exploration

May 10, 2018

An exploration inspired by editorial web design.

Startup Accelerator

April 18, 2018

Visual exploration for a project I worked on a few months ago. Check out the quick code prototype here

Keynote Exploration

April 12, 2018

Quick out-of-my-comfort-zone exploration of a slide design for a company pitch deck.

Camera Comparison

April 11, 2018

Experiments on 1:1 comparisons. It includes two specific products that require domain-related comparisons, such as the "Shot Race" for cameras or "Keep it Fresh" for fridges.

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